About Greg McMahan

Greg McMahan.. author, magician, designer, all around creative guy

Born at an early age, Greg McMahan loved performing as long as he can remember. In the mid 1970's, Greg became interested in magic, sleight-of-hand and other forms of prestidigitation including juggling, puppetry and clowning that has continued to this day. During this time he also began working at his school's brand new computer lab for fun and he joined the yearbook staff to learn graphic design.

In order to book gigs, Greg further developed his talent for graphic design so he could affordably produce promotional brochures, posters and business cards. He really enjoyed designing, and it soon turned into a freelance business on-the-side as he created marketing materials for other entertainers throughout the country. In the late 1990's, Greg began learning web design and now adds that to his list of artistic talents.

With years and years of performing experience under his belt, it was only natural that younger entertainers would seek him out to learn the craft. This new career direction prompted Greg to write instructional books for other children's entertainers worldwide. These are big sellers after his seminars and workshops at various conventions around the country. Additional skills learned while designing these books include photography, illustration and editing.

To get a sense of what Greg has accomplished, check out his portfolio and his resume, then contact Greg today to see how his talents can help you!


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